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gina kate

Im fed up now, i cant and dont want to sleep... bn just over a week now! ive got to much to do and my brain wont switch off, im not depressed im soo happy well, excited... dont know?...
I ve just bn diagnosed with bipolar 2 and have got to go back and c shrink mon, she has put me on 15mg of olanzopine said it shud make me sleep... no chance what else can they give me to sleep... please advice guys and is this normal behaviour when having an elated mood? xx


Well-known member
Sep 9, 2009
bradford west yorks

yeah its so normal , iam on olanzapine and if you take it a few hours before bed time you get sleepy esp the next day it wipes you out! i got zopliclone but it made see things so they took me off of it. my doc hasent siad which type i have just bi polar mood disorder . iam on 20 mgs though but its not much different iam also on daizpam so maybe in the short term you could ask for that for sleep x i know how you feel completely xx if you dont try and sleep the hypomaina will get worse untill you end up in psychosis and you dont want that xx try and sleep.