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sinking back down



Well-known member
Nov 1, 2017
I thought my life was coming together a bit more of late, especially as i managed to move out of my parents house and into my own flat, but then about 3 weeks ago i started to feel very lonely and bored and realised the darkness was coming back.
It increased a lot over the new couple of weeks.

I went to the doctor last week and told him how i was getting depressed again and asked to try pills again. I tried Citolapram once before a couple of years ago but bailed out after a few days as i felt awful on them.

I felt pretty manic on Sunday, and just wanted to smash my flat up through feeling so lonely and isolated. Then i thought about hurting myself and how much i loathe the person i am.
I'm so tired of it, i need to be social and i will not last much longer on this Earth without company and ways to fill my time. I know i need to make more effort to be social but i'm really shy at times.
Wish my friends were easier to see, but they're all so caught up in their own lives that it's tough.

The Sertraline sat in the box for 5 days, i felt too scared to take them, but i plucked up the courage this morning so hope they can help - although i'm already feeling weird and heavy and like gravity is affecting me double.


Just a quick word on Sertraline which I'm on, I hope you were told to start on a low dose and build it up its just that I learnt the hard way (to much to quick) I'm on it four years now and found it excellent after years on Seroxat, unfortunately with all meds its trial n error! get in touch with your friends (ye easier said than done) but I bet they would really love to hear from you, they might just be feeling as sh*t as you!