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Similar experiences among posters



Jun 2, 2019
Greetings to forum goers. I wanted to take time to see what similar anxiety/panic attack related symptoms may exist here on the forum among members. Feel free to mention the appicable ones and don't feel bad if your experiences aren't similar.

-Teeth chattering
-Racing heart
-Sudden tremble
-Periods of calmness followed by relapse (Sudden relapse of anxiety symptoms following realitive calmness after panic attack)
-Changing worries due to sudden anxiety provoking event
-Notice body sensations more
-Lack of appetite following stressful situation which may or not provoke aforementioned symptoms

These are the symptoms I normally face if there is something really stress provoking comes my way. Don't want to base this only off me though. Anyone here have any similar experiences and needs to talk about it?

My most recent trigger was having took about 20 drops of Now essencial oregano oil in water mixed with a bit of olive oil for internal consumption. Probably should not have Googled if it was okay to do so because there is a mixture of opinions regarding the topic. Immediate panic attack ensued with a ton of stress worrying if it would harm me. Days passed with no real issues other than some discomfort of the stomach probably due to the anxiety and general high-stress related symptoms that had come and go. Can say I decided I wouldn't be using essencial oils internally anymore for the sake of my anxiety disorder and health.


i started taking cbd oil works a charm i dont have much to add everything you said is how i feel at times when it strikes