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Should I tell my boss?




I work in an office under constant pressure. I have to admit that sometimes I need to tell my boss that I am taking Venex 150mg and seroquel, and that I have been diagnosed with depression for years, and that I am not always able to perform in work and that I feel bad.

I need I have to tell him, but it will affect my future in the company

Not sure what to do




Well-known member
Aug 21, 2009
Well, it comes down to whether or not you can continue with things as they are... If depression etc is effecting your work anyway, then I think speaking to you're boss would be a good thing as it may help them understand. The main thing to bare in mind is that you have to look after
yourself- getting stressed with work will only make things worse for you. Legally, you're boss can't hold an illness against you- and hopefully will be understanding enough to make some changes. Hope it goes well if you do tell him/her. Remember you have nothing to feel bad about- you can't help being unwell. Atb x
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