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should i stop exercising ?



Well-known member
Jul 8, 2016
it is associated with increase in manic eposides hearing voices ordering me to stop
exercising espaicially running is important for me to maintain my weight and my life quality
anything good for me and voices increase and order me to stop
what can i do ?
thank you friends


New member
Jun 14, 2016
hey there. I have schizoaffective disorder and I can tell you that the must not let the voices win! Working out is a big key to feeling more like yourself. If you stop running, they'll just find another thing to try and keep you from doing.

Do your best to ignore them.

It sounds like running is more than just an activity for you. For me, I love doing yoga. It keeps me grounded and in the present moment more often. I also do a lot of cardio too and if I didn't do those things daily I'd be A LOT worse off.

hope that helps...Keep runnin':)


Apr 7, 2016
Exercise is essential for not only physical health but mental health too, don't give it up! Maybe try listening to music whilst you run to try and block out the voices or to just distract you from them. Or try exercise you can do at home like yoga or aerobics (I personally find yoga extremely relaxing and it's so good for the mind) hope this helps.


Active member
Jun 9, 2016
I'm with all of you. Keep going. I was out on my bike yesterday. 2 hours more or less accompanied by thoughts, thought about turning back early but didn't. I cycled 5000km last year. This year incomparable 1000km. Why not register for an event, get a training programme or join an evening jogging group. Interesting about a programme - done properly you have to work in zones where your mind goes clear (z4/z5), which you'll never do if you just go for a run. So keep going.