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should i mention the skull



Well-known member
Sep 9, 2009
bradford west yorks
my psy doctor says he is pretty certain i have bi polar , im on 20mg of olanzpine and 15mg of valium, i feel depressed now most of the time , i get rushes and stuff but the y dont last long. the doc said i need two brain wave tests to see if i have epilepsy ? the other night i saw i a skull on the wall copying every move i made , is this normal in bi polar ? it kept changing from a face to a skull laughing and frowning at me. if i mention this may i not get my brain tests?


New member
Oct 30, 2009
North Wales

I think you should mention the skull thing. I have hallucinations like that since I was a kid. Initially they said I had an over active imagination :scared: however, my doc now says it's probably related to the bipolar. I've seen all manner of weird things float across my bedroom or sit on the ceiling and stare at me. It used to frighten the hell out of me (and sometimes still does) but I am more used to it now and my current meds seem to have subsided it slightly.
Definately think it is work a mention to your doc though
xx (y)

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