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Should I call my doctor?



Oct 17, 2008
So I've been diagnosed with ADD when I was a kid as well as major depressive disorder with psychotic features a few years ago. Things have been alright i guess with medication and all that but i still tend to have episodes three or four times a year.

About a week ago i started another episode. At first I just started freaking out and looking over my shoulder all the time because I would see things that weren't there.

It wasn't a whole lot at first but it got worse and worse until about three days ago when I was sitting at my computer and I'd see things about every two minutes.

I finally told my wife about it which helped a little. I seemed to start bouncing out of it and had a slightly better day the following day but yesterday my moods were really strange: I'd be ok for a while, then I'd get hyper, then I'd get down all day long.

I got home last night and slept really lightly and kept waking up every time the cat or my wife made a noise. I got less than six hours of sleep and I'm pretty irritable. I want to lay back down and try and get some rest but I'm too hyper.

This may sound kind of dumb that I haven't done this already, but should I call my doctor? Please help!


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Apr 4, 2008
yes it would be a good idea to call your doctor again if you realise you are going down hill again tthe earlier you can get help the better.


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Jun 28, 2008
Yorkshire, UK
I agree with KP, telling your doc could be a good idea if you're starting to feel low again... just so s/he knows and it might help you too by getting more off of your chest! :)
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