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Should I be on meds again?

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Jun 22, 2018
North East England
Hey everyone,

Basically I was doing a SCITT course for teacher training. Lack of support and a newborn baby as well as a disabled wife and my family all piled on myself and I started crying at work, basically having breakdowns and it was impacting my performance (I have struggled with anxiety/depression for over 15 years and now at 30 years old). I got very anxious and realised I was having serious issues, so I went and saw a doctor and got signed off work for a month with depression and anxiety and given my meds to retake (I came off of them last year, a few months before I started the SCITT). I absolutely despise the SCITT but I want to finish it so my time isn't wasted.

Here in the UK the coronavirus has shut down all schools so it looks like I won't be going back at all, as it finishes the end of June. My question is, I have started taking the meds again a week ago and I am getting awful side effects as usual but I am no longer sure I need to take them as the SCITT course is no longer an issue. I genuinely don't feel like I need to be on these tablets, but I genuinely believe they are making me worse (they usually do for the first month or so) and I don't want to be on them if I don't have to be. So that leads me to the question: Should I be on them?


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Sep 29, 2019
If the neds are giving you no benifit what so ever then stop taking them, you can all ways go back on them if needed, but having said all that it would be best if you had the go ahead from your pdoc

All the best woolie..
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