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Should I be getting help for this?



New member
Feb 23, 2010
Hi all, Just joined, and needing some advice. I have been experiencing a high level of stress in my job constantly since September and I have been working crazy long hours to keep on top. I'm also pretty sure that someone higher up than me is deliberately making life difficult. My union has been involved; this is not all in my imagination. This week I seem to have hit a new phase and I'm not sure if it warrants my seeking medical help or not. I just can't seem to concentrate any more although I'm constantly thinking about work. I am a newly-qualified teacher in an inner-city school and this week I am being observed by an advisor from my LEA, the following week we have a mock OFSTED inspection which may well trigger the real thing very soon. Trouble is, I can't seem to focus enough any more to get any extra preparation work done. Tonight I was sitting at my laptop and suddenly began crying. I can't sleep well, and I'm getting through the days on caffeine drinks. Tonight I kept seeing things I know aren't there peering round the door at me. I just can't imagine being able to make it through another day there- and we've only just come back after half term! All I want to do is shut myself away on my own, but when I do, I just stare at my laptop screen;writing this is the only thing I've achieved in over 3 hours. I feel like I am grinding to a halt somehow, and the more pressing it is to get some work done, the more inertia I get.
5 years ago, I had what my husband thought was a small "nervous breakdown" due to an emotionally stressful situation.This doesn't feel exactly the same, but some elements are similar.
What is wrong with me? I'm afraid I shall be too anxious to be able to do myself justice in the observations coming up.
Am I making too much of this, or do I need to get help? Are these warning signs?


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Oct 20, 2009
The seeing things like you describe can certainly be lack of sleep realated .. you start to see things move in your periferal vision ....

.. if you are drinking a lot of caffine then cutting back on that might help, have a cut off point in the evening .. and have at least 1 hour ritual before you go to bed to prepare yourself for sleep ...

It does seem at the moment you are very tired , and anxios , try and get some rest , remember to eat properly as well ..

... I realy dont want to say that you have a problem as yet .. just a normal reaction to frustration and exhaustion ...