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should i ask for help?



Founding Member
Apr 9, 2008
Hi everyone, my life has been quite difficult to cope with recently. I have something called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which means i have problems with fertility and me and my partner are going through the ups and downs of trying for a baby under fertility treatment. Its been 2 years and still no luck. Started a new job in a nursery school two months ago too.

Anyway regarding anxiety, I dont know if i have it or its just how i am as a person? I had a terrible time at school, suffered bullying and some abuse. I tend to trust people too easily and get into alot of trouble and situations with it because i struggle to think for myself.

When i was 18 i went on a night out in town and suffered a panic attack because there were too many people and i thought they were all staring at me an judging me. I have never been to a club since. Every time someone invites me out, i feel that panic again.

I sometimes feel nervous all day. Its like a sicky feeling when im at work, i talk really fast and make inapropriate nervous laughs. I wont park on the work carpark because i once got really scared when it snowed and i didnt feel i could get through the gates without crashing. Even if there is no chance it is going to snow i wont park there i feel so scared. I often get very nervous around driving, one simple mistake throws me off completely, i get the shakes and palpitations.

I am terrified of getting into trouble, if i get into trouble even over something small i get very very teary and emotional. I apologise all the time... quite possibly too much.

I am scared of getting into arguments with people, and i try my very best to avoid them even if it means i get walked all over for it. My self esteem is rubbish because of it all. I am in a world of my own most of the time, i struggle to concentrate and make descisions.

I rely on my partner too much, i wouldnt go out with friends without him. We live together and havent spent more than 2 days apart. When i first started dating him 3 years ago i was seriously depressed and was trying to kill myself, he brought me out of that and made me happy again. I see life so differently when im with him, he gives me a reason to live.

My partner has mild OCD which strangely rubs off on me. He has to have the radio volume in the car on an even number, and ive started doing it. All the light switches in the house have to match.

Anyway i am wondering if i should have a chat with my doctor? I cant go on any medication because they will interfere with my fertillity treatment. I dont want to look silly and i especially dont want to have a much wanted baby taken away from me because of my records if i reach out for help?

Lots of love and hugs xxx :(


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Jul 16, 2009
Have you ever been to see a psychologist.
Talk therapy can be very helpful.It doesn't require drugs and is totally confidential.


New member
Mar 7, 2010
There is no harm in talking to a doctor because it's up to you what you do in the end. Sometimes it can be reasuring because they can break up some of the fears that you might have about different things.

I would however look into some therapies, I've recently started CBT which I was really reluctant to do because I just liked to think I could sort stuff out myself. Anyway CBT is good because it teaches you to view certain situations differently, and also to look at more proactive ways to go about these situations , i'm sure traditional talking therapy has many benifts aswell but from my experince CBT can help you on a more day to day basis.
Tho have a research of both and see speaks out to you more.

I wish you gd luck with trying for a child, however you decided to bring a child into this life i'm sure it will be really grateful when it grows up to have you guys as parents.

GD luck

p.s My mum is also abit like that with driving and she just seems to get by by just driving slower than everyone else. I think it proabably makes her into a safer driver in the end which can't be a bad thing.



Founding Member
Apr 9, 2008
Thankyou for your advice both of you.

Schiz i have often thought of going to see a psychologist but i have never been reffered to one and cant afford one privately.

qwertynb I would love to try CBT, i had a taster of it when i was 16 and reffered to an eating disorders clinic and it seemed to really work. Did get fed up of writing down feelings and diaries though, but i understood the logic in it. If i pluck up the courage i might ask my GP to be reffered for it but i am rather scared at going to the GP for help.

Thankyou for the good luck, we definately need it. I need to learn to relax because im sure stress doesnt help when you are trying for a child, its what we both want more than anything.

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