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Shame and embarrassment around Binge eating



New member
May 8, 2019
Been Zealand
Hello everyone, my first time here, thought I would reach out in hopes there maybe others dealing with the same struggles as me. I have been battling binge eating most of my life, it was only recently I discovered with my psychologist- it was disordered eating. The past year I have not been able to control my binging despite usually being able to get on track in past years. I suffer anxiety depression and OCD so eating has always been a comfort for my pain. I am too embarrassed and ashamed to buy food alone anymore because my anxiety is so unbearable. The only place I can buy food alone is in drive throughs but even then it’s still difficult. I often hide my food and eat it late at night so nobody knows and also lie about things I’ve eaten to family. I 24/7 obsess over food and every week I tell myself I will start eating healthy next week then that week comes around and the cycle continues. I wondered if anyone has any advice or also deals with some of these issues. Thanks!! <3


New member
May 6, 2019
United Kingdom
I also suffer on the binge eating front. I’ll binge eat one day to the point where I feel ill and suicidal, then eat little and exercise excessively to try and make up for it. Everyday is a constant battle and I understand the emotional pain you’ll be experiencing.
I have nothing to offer on the advice front as I can’t control my own impulses, but I thought it might be of help knowing that you’re not alone.