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sexuality question



New member
Nov 20, 2008
hey everyone glad to join the forum. but lately i've been having some weird thoughts. i'm in my thrid year at college.

throughout high school, i had a real close group of friends, but never had a girl friend. i always wanted one, but never really pursued it enough, i seemed to be happy without one so i never saw the point. anwyay, i still loved to hook up with girls and everything, and i did, and that was like my favorite thing to do really. but now being in college i haven't had a girlfriend in all 3 years. i dont even really have a steady group of girls as friends which is a bummer. but its been so long since i've been with a girl, almost a year now, that i'm starting to get curoius thoughts about the same sex. i dont think i'm gay, but my mind just goes places sometimes and i have like attraction to everything now, i can look at a guy and say hes good looking or a girl and do the same. its like i'm attracted to both. although i really don't have a desire to get with a guy, its just more of a curiousity thing. but i can't understand why this is happening, it doesnt seem right to me and it kind of freaks me out. i'm convinced that not being with a woman for quite some time is having something to do with it too


It is over 10 years since I was in a relationship. I have had a number of partners before then - I am straight. A year isn't long, but it can be when you are younger. I wouldn't worry about stuff; a lot of people experiment, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to both men & women. I don't want to sleep with men; but generally I spend more time in male company, I prefer it on the whole.


I think Apotheosis is right it proberly isnt anything more than thoughts.
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