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Severely Depressed with no logical reason; could it be a medical problem?



New member
Oct 7, 2009
Severely Depressed with no logical reason; could it be a medical problem?

I don't think my life sucks, I don't want to die, I have more good than bad in my life, I should be content.

But, this doesn't seem to stop my mind from being severely depressed on a daily basis. No matter what I do, everyday when I wake up Im so fucking upset.. I usually cry for a bit and eventually get up, unless Im with my bf, I keep it together; so the start of my day is always a challenge. I'm sleeping abnormally long hours and it's getting easier and easier to fall asleep. I have had problems with insomnia my whole life, prior to the last couple months it took me about 2 hours to fall asleep; I could run on nothing, 3 hours of sleep and going to school or work was no biggy; Now, I fall asleep instantly, or without even trying just watching TV.. this is bizarre to me that I am constantly tired, it seems no matter how much I sleep Im in a tired daze. I find myself upset about things, that logically in my mind Im not upset about, but my emotions take over, like its not even me, and Im crying. Im crying everyday now; over anything and everything. My appetite is totally fucked, my mother thinks I have an eating disorder or something because I dont eat dinner with the family anymore; I have physical symptoms as well, headaches, stomach aches, feeling sick to my stomach and gagging(I never puke though), my body aches as if I'd been exercising, even when I've done nothing all day;
I don't understand, if this could be some sort of chemical or hormonal imbalance in my body? I've been truely depressed in the past, and this feels different, I dont have self-loathing thoughts, I have quite a healthy self image actually; I have however, felt suicidal just for the mere fact that daily life is becoming this painful chore with no reward, I have to spend so much time "acting" like Im okay.. and I can't talk to anyone about it because nothing is truely wrong in my life, just in my mind. I don't have medical benefits, so prescriptions are out of the questions... I dont know what to do


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Jul 15, 2009
I'd say your best bet would be to go and see your GP. A lot of the things you describe could mean depression, after all depression is said to be a chemical imbalance in the brain. Tell him what you've told us here and see what happens.

As for having no logical reason, I'm sure lots of people on here have no logical reason for being depressed, certainly on the surface. Myself included. I have a lovely husband, two gorgeous grown up sons, the job I've always wanted, no money worries. But I've been on ADs for 9 years and now getting more anxiety as well.

When you say you were depressed before, what treatment did you have? I'd be interested to hear what your experience of depression was before.

Hang in there. :hug:
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