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Severe health anxiety



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Jan 20, 2020
I am 25 and I was diagnosed with severe health anxiety around 5 years ago. This all started when I became seriously poorly on a family holiday in Egypt when I was 15. I have worried about so many diseases and conditions over the years and this ends up taking over my life. I mainly worry about diseases/conditions that have no cure and that are really debilitating. My trigger is usually being ill (even a common cold) I struggle to handle being poorly and then start worrying. At the minute I am off work and have started worrying that I have ME. I am in a terrible sleep routine, often feel quite tired and have body aches. Does anyone else suffer with Severe health anxiety and worry about conditions such as ME? I am also terrible for googling things!


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Sep 5, 2019
On The Train
I had a similar problem after my father died when I was 10 years old. I thought I had every condition at the slightest symptom. The doctor I went to for a long time would humor me, check my issue, and then tell me, "This doesn't usually happen to those in your age range." At the same time, we were poor and would eat rotten food. My mother would eat around the rot first and then serve it to us. The worst thing was having diarhea a bit but it was gone. I have an iron stomach today.

I empathise with you over this event in Egypt. You had a concrete event that affected your health. Especially facing this as a child! It becomes a rooted event. Of course it is normal to worry of all the unknown things that you may get after that! I have learnt that if you eat healthy (no junk, less sugar, fruit, veggies, white meat) and also exercise (at least 30 min cardio everyday) that you will be *healthy* enough to combat anything.

I saw an amazing documentary the other day about this boxer Christy Martin who was a boxer in the 90s. She survived being shot and stabbed! She turned out totally fine. She was very healthy.

I feel that if you are confident in your ability to heal and survive this will help lessen your fear of the unknown mystery illnesses.


Jan 22, 2020
Midlands UK
A lot of my anxiety issues stem from health concerns. I feel like if I find that I'm ill early I have better chances of beating whatever it is. But in six years of worrying I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty - every single time I've been wrong. I now worry I'll make it to 90 and look back on my life in despair for worrying so much.

I need to train my brain to see the real illness I face, anxiety. I need to understand that I often feel out of control of my body but it's actually my mind that is running the show right now.

Storms don't often form in the area of the sky you're watching. I wish I knew how to stop the cycle. I wish I could sit you down and tell you that your whole life will be absolutely fine, but if you work like I do you may still whisper 'what if'

Could you consider talking therapies to explore what happened in Egypt?