Severe Disability Premium backdated



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Oct 1, 2008
Hi all

I currently get PIP and ESA. My father passed away in July this year,so I took over the tenancy and did a quick benefits check online, that is when I came across SDP.

I have never heard of SDP before.So I rang the DWP in July this year and applied for it.I got it backdated to May this year, after doing more research I now believe I may be entitled to having my SDP backdated further.

I was originally on DLA middle rate care and low mobility as well as Income Support before I was transferred over to ESA and PIP.I was transferred over from DLA to PIP last March.I was also transferred over from Income support to ESA in May this year.

I had been on Income Support and DLA since the early nineties,but never got SDP,I now know I was eligible since no one has ever claimed Carers Allowance for me,and although I had lived with my dad for over 20 years he was on high rate care DLA and Income Support to.So he was on a qualifying disability benefit so i would be classed as living alone.

I have been in touch with the DWP and the lady on the phone told me I would not be able to get it backdated any further.Would that be right or is she wrong.
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Aug 17, 2012
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I think because you are on new benefits now, the DWP can only backdate payments for your current claims.

It's a pity because I think you're right in that you were entitled to it previously, but as you're not longer actively claiming those benefits (DLA / Income Support), you've missed the opportunity.