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Severe depression and isolation due to 3rd lockdown.



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Jul 27, 2020
Are any others here in severe depression and isolation because of this latest lockdown?It has only been about 20 days and I am so struggling to cope.I need human contact and face to face communication.I am so lonely and isolated.I used to spend a long time in the cafes,coffee shops and pub.I went to see films got chatting to shop keepers.I don't see anyone now I am stuck at home and it's tough I am severely suicidally depressed now.I am not going to survive if this goes on until September or even July.

I emailed samaritans for support and sent a message to my Dr asking for counselling from the surgery.They will probably want to refer me to mental health team but I told them no to that cos they only offer drugs and have been abusive to me in the past.I also wrote to my MP explaining my condition and situation and asking him to tell ministers how badly this is affecting people with MH issues.I asked him to reflect we need them to lift restrictions and go back to tier 3 at least.I won't hold my breath I don't think they care to be honest but if people let them know at least that its so hard they might do something.I don't know if I am writing to my MP that shows I am desperate.

Any words of reassurance and comfort from any one else here who is concerned about isolation due to lockdown very welcome.If you can share tips how to deal with the depression and get through lockdown that would be good,thanks!


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Nov 10, 2019
You sound hopeful for when lockdown will end. We have made it this far. It's hard.

I walk to the shop every other day, can you do that? Or I take my camera out to pretty places nearby. I don't drive so cannot go far.

I get takeaway coffee and sit on a bench.

are you safe from suicide? You must phone your doctor. They can listen if nothing else. I understand mental health teams can be unhelpful sometimes.

keep writing we are here
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