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Severe anxiety taking over


John Coltrane

New member
Jun 2, 2020
I have just joined up and thought I would explain my situation .Basically it started a number of years ago .I would wake up in middle of the night feeling that I could not breath and the walls were closing in .only option I had was to go out and walk around streets for 30 mins or so to calm down ,it would happen every couple of months .

About two months ago things got much worse ,it was happening during the day could not sit in and relax was pacing around the streets all day .could not sleep for days always same feeling of not being able to breath and suffocation .I got propranolol and my anxiety went away for 6 weeks then returned even worse could not stay in-house pacing around all night legs and back sore not sleeping for days .
Talked to GP got sertraline ,got headaches and nausea ,anxiety worse could not sleep for four days ,got diazepam for 5 day supply ,after 2 days no change .what do I do ,where do I go from here can't go on like this .


Well-known member
Jun 1, 2020
Hi! Welcome! I’m sorry that you are going through this. I would suggest going back to your doctor again And really explaining that the meds that you have been given, aren’t doing much to help

with the anxiety and panic attacks
They sound really debilitating. I don’t know this for sure but have you heard of sleep apnea? It’s where you stop breathing briefly when you are asleep! I don’t know your background but have you experienced any trauma or stress lately? Some thing that could be causing these attacks?
I think really making it clear to your doctor that this is ruining your health is important. I have a medically diagnosed sleep disorder and I know what you are going through. Could it be that you have inverted cortisol levels? I would advise to go back to your doctor again. I hope this helps. Also do you have a counsellor? Maybe talking this through with somebody would help get to the bottom of this. Peace, love and light!! :hug: