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Severe anxiety of heart every single day ruining my life please help me and respond please



Jun 9, 2019
Ok hi I’m Justin and I’m going to make a very very long story very short. So for a very very very long long time I have had heart anxiety but recently my heart symptoms have become very very real.. back this January I had a echo test done a 48 hour Holter monitor test done and a stress test all of them was completely normal and my cardiologist told me there is nothing wrong with my heart so that should have been good right but no now four months later I still go to the er every single day. Oh yeah by the way I go to the er about five times a week I can’t ecen have sex with my wife because it make my heart go out of rhythm and beat crazy hard and I start getting pvcs ..

So pretty much here are my symptoms I get crazy weird heart paplatations my heart will just thump and start beating off rythm every time I do any physical activity even just a little my heart goes nuts it goes insane over nothing it feels like it’s just about to stop beating. I feel like it’s going to explode because of how hard it pounds I can’t sleep I can’t do anything this rhythm crap is ruining my life I obsesse about my heart from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep I fully believe I have a heart disease and I’m about to die . There is no way my heart can just go out of rythm cuz of anxiety like I’m even scared to have a beer now or have sex or do anything because I’m afraid my heart will stop beating

Look I’m not crazy I feel these crazy rhythms in my chest I feel the skipper beats it’s gets worse with physical activity I’m 29 turning 30 this year I’m so scared someone please help me can this really all be anxiety?? Can anxiety really make your heart do this all day long even when I’m not stressing ?? Like it’s realky hard to explain what my heart does but it’s so scared I can’t live my life I’m scared everyday is going to be my last please help me
I totally understand how you feel :hug:. I'm 29 and this is my third week of being off work with work related stress. It started with me obsessing with how my heart beat was feeling. I kept thinking its stopped. I'd be dead if it stopped, but I still cant stop thinking it, especially when I'm in bed trying to sleep. It's getting better, and I'm not thinking about it as much though.

Have you been offered any medication? I'm on 160mg of propanolol at the moment because I had flutters, constant palpitations and increased heart rate. I would definitely recommend them. I've been on them for over 3 years now.

Hope you start to feel better soon :hug:
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