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Severe anxiety and working



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Sep 26, 2019
Over the last 3 years I have suffered infertility, recurrent missed miscarriages and a serious car crash. All of this has left me with severe anxiety to the point I couldn’t leave the house or get out of bed.
In February/March I spoke to my GP and was put on Sertraline, we have kept upping the dose so I am now on 200mg a day. I also have CBT to try and help.
Over the last 2/3 years I was in university and so they understood and were able to provide me with mitigating circumstances. I left university in February/March as my anxiety got too much, although officially only left in June. I thought it was best I got a job, so I applied and got a job at amazon, working Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (6.30pm till 5am). The job itself is fine, the staff are lovely and I enjoy it there. Unfortunately my anxiety isn’t coping with it.
I don’t want to keep ringing in sick because my anxiety is having a bad day but I physically can’t leave the house because of it. I feel as though I’m letting my employer down by calling in sick, despite having a medical condition which would make it completely ok to take time off.

I just don’t know what to do. Do I speak to my GP again? Do I leave amazon? Are there any jobs people can do when suffering from anxiety? Any help would be great as right now I’m sat crying my eyes out because I’m so anxious about calling in sick because of my anxiety and my shift starts in just under 2 hours


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Jul 8, 2019
people do get help with staying in work
if your illness is quite severe
you may need to stop work for a while
to concentrate on your mental health
and then be helped back into work
in a supported way

there is in my area a wellbeing hub
there is a guy there who has his own issues going on
he is very good at helping people keep their jobs
or get back into work if they wish

I recommend asking for help

:hug5: 💜