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Severe and long-term disability...... Is this a good indication?



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Aug 30, 2014
I was just reading guidelines the DWP follow about which awards to give people suffering Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective disorder and if a person meets these indicators they are likely to be put on higher awards of disability benefits.

• Insidious onset at a young age with social withdrawal, loss of motivation,
thought disorder and suspicious paranoid state.
• Long term prescription of medication, in particular depot preparations.
• Presence of extra-pyramidal side effects.
• History of relapses.
• History of multiple hospital admissions.
• In sheltered or supervised accommodation.
• On going care from a mental health team and enhanced Care Plan
Approach (CPA) status.
• Previous sections of the Mental Health Act.


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Mar 23, 2009
I imagine with PIP that is now superfluous re awarding disability benefits. Lots of disabled are going to be on vastly reduced benefits. We should never have caused the worldwide recession . We should have thought twice before telling the financiers to be reckless.
I'm going to apply to join the association of cheap noodles and other assorted crap eaters when the axe falls.
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