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Seven years of abuse



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Jul 6, 2017
I have hostile extraterrestrials in my body the female spirit has abused me daily sexually, emotionally and physically for about seven years now. She keeps on passing through my head as to kill my spirit I go a blur I don't know how long I will last two years maybe.
I am miserable most my family have rejected me over it and I have no friends I have no one to talk to, no can do with it because it repeats. I have messaged Ben Wallace uk defence Secretary, Lisa pratt nasa, nasa, seth shostak, seti and the white house with no responses the white house have blocked me.
People just pass me off as been schizophrenic but I'm not sick of it.


Dec 9, 2020
dont take your mind too seriously.

stay in the now. the senses. touch, feel, see, hear. right now.

dont get lost in thoughts and beliefs. they are all fake.

if you jump into a cold shower thoughts just disappear. and you wake up from a dreamworld

if your mind gets going just kill it by playing some video games. it gives your mind something to do. and makes it go quiet


Well-known member
Mar 12, 2016
I feel like demons are stoping me from living and god is sitting there just watching.
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