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Seven Questions For Professor Patrick McGorry



Well-known member
Mar 23, 2009
The great news is that Professor McGorry has recently renounced the relevance of psychosis risk syndrome in the current practice of clinical psychiatry. He has done so in two separate and dramatic ways: 1) by withdrawing his support for the inclusion of psychosis risk in DSM 5; and 2) by promising not to include it as a target in Australia's massive new experiment in early intervention. Psychosis risk syndrome is an extremely promising topic for ongoing research, but it is not nearly ready for current clinical application and if introduced prematurely could cause disastrous unintended consequences.

Professor McGorry's sharp about face on both fronts could well be a wonderful double game changer. He is by far the most powerful psychiatrist in the world and an absolutely brilliant politician. Leveraging his unique stature as 2010 'Australian Of The Year,' McGorry has succeeded in gaining the support of all the major Australian parties in the funding of a large and much needed investment in the country's mental health. His new caution on psychosis risk will influence others to be less venturesome in prematurely promoting this potentially dangerous diagnostic proposal.......



Well, maybe not sane, but a tad more sane than is common.

DSM needs a sub-category for the illness of psychiatric delusional state of being an unbudgingly orthodox psychiatrist.


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
So let me get this right, this guy wants to treat people before they show any sign of psychosis, is that right? Well why not put loads of people into prison because they might be at risk of crime, or sterilise every woman who might have a disabled child. Have I got that right?