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Service User Survey



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Feb 14, 2008
Birmingham UK
Something which - again - I have only recently found out about; others may provide me with more information for which I would be very grateful.

Every year since 2003 (at least) every MHT has had to participate in a survey of Service Users. The Survey is overseen by the Healthcare Commission, but the Dept of Health is also directly involved now I think. The survey consists of 58 questions covering all aspects of MH care (in-patient/out-patient; contact with professionals; medication; talking therapy; care plans and reviews; crisis care etc.etc.). The survey for BSMHT and for many other Trusts was undertaken by an organisation called Quality Health (I am not sure if they do every Trust). They surveyed over 17000 users nationally.

My trust has made the results of the survey (which show the response to each question and the national as well as local results) available, and indeed yesterday I went to a briefing given by the guy responsible for the survey which was very interesting.

Obviously how or through what channels you follow up this survey depends on local circumstances (though the most obvious one is the LINks). But the first step would be to get hold of your Trust's results. I would suggest contacting them direct and asking for a copy. If you don't get any joy it might be worth going to the Healthcare Commission itself. I can certainly verify that in one case the results are made public and they ought to be in all cases.

But please let everyone here know how you get on in any event :).



I just typed in the initials of my mental health trust and service user survey and found it like that. The one that came up is last years as this years is not due to be published until October or so. But very interesting reading. Thanks for the heads up Nick.


Feb 14, 2009
This years survey is the first for "in-patients" only under the age of 65 from July - Dec 08.

I'm on the SU Survey steering group at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust as a service user rep - the info sent through so far looks very interesting. I think it is going to be done around May 09 sometime