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'Service User' involvement in mental health



New member
Dec 15, 2009
Hi everyone,
I am currently looking into how the public is involved in the development of new services in mental health or not. I am trying to get some feedback from people who have had any experiences in involvement or participation groups. I've found a few NHS sites and organisations which say they do but the involvement is very marginal or if there is any involvement it doesn't really have any impact, well none that is visible anyway. Healthcare as a subject is fairly new to me so any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Amber xxx :)


Well-known member
Oct 20, 2009
We are treated with contempt oftern when we need help, you think they care what we have to say in comments, if they like what we have to say then fine, if they dont like it, well, we're nuts what do we know.... they pick and choose.

There is not much point commenting, walking away does not help us, and the services dont care cos were off there books, so win win for them, lose for us.

They would not get half the work load if they did the job right and the waiting list wernt mounths for urgent asssesments from GPs......

Dummy spat ......... boB ........ :mad:

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