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seroquel + ??



Active member
Nov 27, 2009

am feeling really rough but not sure what can take with seroquel as tried lemsip and made me so drowsy almost passed out...??



If you are willing to make the effort - I know of a very good drink -

Fresh Lemons (1-2)
Fresh sage leaves (A good handful)
Fresh Ginger root (a whole one, or more)
(All available from the supermarket)

Be generous with the ingredients.

Prepare in a pot with a strainer - I use a coffee pot (washed out)
Cut the lemons in half & cut off the outer skin (not essential to remove the skin) Quarter - squeeze everything & put in pot.
Chop up the sage leaves finely - put in pot.
Finely chop the ginger - put in pot.
Pour over boiling water - leave to brew for 10 mins - sweeten with good spoonful of honey.

It's better than any lemsip.

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