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Seroquel to different medicine? Or more meds to help?



Oct 16, 2019
I was diagnosed BP1 in 2009, tried s bunch of different meds and around 2012 I tried seroquel and it seemed to be the best fit. I’ve been just dealing with the side effects for years telling people who know of my condition “ it makes me feel like crap at night but it keeps the mania at bay so I stick with it”
Over the past years the side effects have worsened drastically, from the dry mouth, my heart feeling like it’s gonna pop out of my chest, the worst is the tremors or “jolts” as I call them. I feel like I’m gonna break my bones from convulsing so badly. I want give something else a shot but am nervous about the whole trial and error aspects. Especially since I started college online recently and I don’t want to me unable to continue my education. Any of you gone from seroquel to something else and had success?


Well-known member
Oct 4, 2019
I haven’t used this medication at all but I hope you feel better soon.
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