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Serious Society Flaws. Criminal Offences



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Mar 16, 2009
Hi I'd like to share my experiences on the forum, I have a long term Illness which is compounded by the fact that I am a survivor of long term trauma and tourcher. I have had a mental illness from the age of 12 and didn't get diagnosed till 24, in the process of having to deal with mental health workers for the past 11 years I have ended out with a short temper with all that has happened to me. For one being serious sexual assaulted by a health worker on more than one occasion after suviving a sustained sexual phsycho abusive childhood. And lived through being called having a delusional behaviour by a leading psychaitrist in a major hospital after being sexual assaulted by my fiancee at the time. And then i kind of went cloakwork orange from there. I try'd to tell the police on various occasions but could not lossen my tongue whilst in the company of the abuser watching for fear of being beaten again and toucherd.
After being lied to by my family after having ect, and abused again I have drawn the last straw. I not only wanted to kill myself but made a standing ovation to all women who have suffered greatly in the name of being a women. Labeled and section by officials whom say she is unfit to live in society. Crumble as the might think I will, I stand stronger than ever before, Now I just face the uphill legal trek in front of me for them to remove the label and sections-past tense, ( damage to my body) that still plagues me today, and still live in pain constantly. Could you if you read this suggest a group that specificly deals with adult sexual assaul/tourcher with in the grounds of mental illness sectioning. As I am bleeding to death internally.My iron levels are nil to the internal bleeding..


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Jul 21, 2008
Hi and welcome to the forum.
I'm not sure what your question is because I don't know where you are posting from.
You mean an online group for survivors, or a real-life group?
Please explain, if you would. :flowers: