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Separation Anxiety



New member
Feb 28, 2021
First time posting. I am a late 50’s male . I have one of my many grandchildren that lived with my wife and I the first 2 years of his life while his mom and dad were saving up for a place to live. They have been out in their own place for 5 yrs now but I get upset and cry sometimes if he is not around, or when he leaves every Sunday (he stays every Saturday night with us). Like today his mom promised to bring his video game to our house and she forgot. He started crying and they were like dry it up and stop crying it is just a Video game. I tried explaining to his mom ( my daughter) that he was upset because she had promised him but her response was still the same. I really don’t know why to expect by posting here maybe feel better by getting it off my chest.


Well-known member
Feb 15, 2018
At least when he is with you he gets the love he needs. It seems your daughter doesn't recognise that she's doing wrong. Just carry on loving


Well-known member
Jan 30, 2021
I have separation anxiety too except with my husband. Thank God he works only works 5 mins away from home. But my anxiety is still high when he is not around me. I feel like a child again. I understand how you feel.
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