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Self destructive behaviour



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Mar 13, 2008
hi, im new to this forum. i dont usually do this sort of thing but i dont know where else to turn.

ive suffered with depression amoungst other mental health problems for 6 years and ive been doing ok for a while...atm my mood is very black and im on a road to self destruction...ive been self harming quite badly and other self destructive behaviour (wont say) because im at a loss with how to cope with this extreme blackness. my hubby seems at a loss with what to do for the best and my family dont know how bad its got...what do i tell my mum? again?? im having suicidal thoughts and ive tried several times to ring the crisis team but keep hanging up...yeah im a chicken....i just wanted to tell someone how im feeling.


Well welcome to the forum and I hope we can offer you some support. A lot of people on here have been, or are going through, your experience so you are not alone. Don't give yourself a hard time for not talking to the crisis team - it's not always easy to say how you feel. If it was then none of us would have any reason to be on this forum. Just keep going forward, even if it's just a tiny step at a time. There's nearly always someone here. :hug:


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Jan 12, 2008
south east london
hello ...:welcome:

hope you can find support here . glad you felt able to say how you're feeling.:hug:


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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs
Hi antcer1
I too am very bad at telling anyone how I feel, except on here!
Here I can write it all out, it feels like a weight coming off my shoulders. And the best part is that people do actually read it, but they don't know who or where it has come from, so my identity remains as tight as I want it.
My Journal within this forum has many ups and downs so it does show that I am not totally stable but I think that my progress is everforward because of it.

It might work for you, or by reading various threads and talking to us you may find something better - we are different (in manny ways lol)

Best Wishes

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