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Seeking Advice



New member
Aug 6, 2019
Hello there, sorry for the long winded post but I feel like I am stuck at a cross roads.

I would say I have been strongly preoccupied with food since I was an early teenager, I spent most of my teen years dieting, exercising, weighing myself daily which then progressed to me binging and purging to lose weight. in my early 20s I turned to laxatives eventually reaching my lowest weight \(though never actually underweight\) I then fell pregnant and stopped using in my opinion harder laxatives and turned to "softer laxatives" to get me through pregnancy with little weight gain; after my daughters birth I turned straight back to laxatives and quickly lost weight again.

2 years later I fell pregnant again with my son; my daughter was diagnosed movicol for constipation so I used this to get me through pregnancy again. after my sons birth I fell heavily into binge eating due to stress and PND causing me to gain alot of weight and despite using laxatives almost daily my weight seems to have stuck. I'm miserable and ashamed of my laxative use but at the same time I am disgusted with the way I look and I am determined that it will work again like it did before. i have attended the GP for years and i am on 60mg fluoxetine which makes very little difference but i struggle to communicate effectively with the GP, I feel like I cant tell them about my laxative abuse because I will look silly as I am overweight. Other than being in pain from the laxatives I function pretty well on the surface, the GPs always comment on how well I look which makes me doubt there is anything even wrong with me. does anyone have any advice they could offer?
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Well-known member
Forum Safety Team
Oct 11, 2014
I think you should tell your GP, about the laxatives and that you don't think your AD's work well, online on mine you can write the reason for the appt of you could write it down and hand it to them in the appt.
Loads of people with bulimia are of normal/ overweight.
Have you had therapy? You could ask about getting a referral, in some places you can self refer or some you need to go through your GP.


Well-known member
Feb 28, 2018
There may have been a time when eating disorders were diagnosed based on weight but no more. In fact, you might be surprised to know that most people in treatment are normal weight or even overweight. What they do all have in common is addiction to food, restricting, exercise, body checking, laxatives, purging..however it manifests for each person. So I really doubt that if you tell a doctor that you're abusing laxatives there's any way they're going to think you're silly.
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