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Seeing the doctor on tuesday but...



Nov 5, 2009
So after the uneventful week I have had i decided to bite the bullet and call my gp for a doctors appointment to see where i go from here.

Brief history - had a cpn for around 8 months, have been on medication for depression and social phobia. missed an appointment as i was ill (called to cancel it), tried to rearrange the appt the next day but couldnt get through to my cpn. 2 weeks later i finally got through, she shouted at me and made me feel really stupid for not attending that one appointment. said i was 'messing her around' and some pretty horrible stuff. I ended up telling her to stick it and hung the phone up.

Thing is, ive now been without my medication for a week and i have been extremely depressed...constantly thinking of suicide. cant sleep. i have been in touch with the samaritians alot these past few days who have basically stopped me carrying out the suidice plans i made.

Is it possible to request a new cpn or have i totally blown it by telling her to stick it? :( we never hit it off to be honest, and i always had a feeling it would end badly. I never really trusted her or felt comfortable around her so never opened up as i probably should have.


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Oct 15, 2009
country cottage

i had a cpn for 5 years, he was just about the best nurse you could ask for. i felt able, and did talk, or i should say discuss all of my problems, and i am sure that without him i would be dead.he then got moved to a new area, and i was allocated a new cpn. a female. the first time she visited me at home she upset me .i complained, but was asked to give her a second chance which i did. she continued to upset me,one of her lines was (do you want to get better?)) anyway at this point my husband complained, and i was given another cpn but told that i will have to travel about 15 miles to see her. well i have done that but find her to be completely uninspiring.; so there are good and bad nurses,out there, it seems to be luck of the draw. thats my story, maybe you can find a supportive cpn.