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Seeing and hearing?



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Dec 26, 2008
Far away
My Dad died a few years ago and at the time it all seemed pretty normal.

Recently I've thought I heard him outside my house and just dismissed it as imagining it. But more recently I've heard him come in and walk around my house. I've heard him talking to someone (on the phone maybe?)

I spoke to my doctor about this, and she looked up his record and said he was definatly dead - but I'm not sure I believe her. I don't know if I'm losing my mind or if he faked his death.

Yesterday I saw him standing at the edge of the garden and I went downstairs to check the door was locked so he couldn't get in. I looked outside before I locked the door and he'd gone again. It wasn't like he was a ghost either - I saw him properly and when I hear him, I can hear his footsteps moving around the house.

I don't really want to talk to any of the family about this until I know what I really saw.

Has anyone else had an experience like this?


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Jul 7, 2009

I can't say I've had an experience like this before.

It sounds like quite a stressful thing to have, to decide whether your dad is truely dead or not. I know you said that you don't want to talk to your family until you are sure of what you saw, but would it be worth maybe talking to them anyway? They might be able to reassure you, sometimes repressed memories can come to the surface after traumatic events.



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Apr 14, 2008
South West Scotland
it could be imaginary, i hear, see and sometimes even feel things that aren't there but if you want to know for sure try leaving ways to know if someone has been in such as a short strip of masking tape from the door to the door frame or balance something small on the doorhandle so it will drop if opened. don't think that just because you have mental problems weird things can't happen to you it'd be better just to be sure if only so you know who to talk to and what about.


I hear very loud whooshing & explosions in my sleep & getting to sleep. The other night I heard very loud shouting in my sleep - I know that these sound are not 'there' - I also see things upon waking sometimes. When asleep, I am aware of being in bed sleeping; & it feels exactly like someone has jumped on top on me on the bed - I feel their weight - they often hit me.

What is it? The unconscious? med effects? Spirits?

I used to see people I know very well, & myself on TV programs - with hindsight I know it was hallucinations.

But maybe spirits do contact & reveal themselves to us? Maybe.
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