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Second life



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Jan 28, 2008
The Wilderness
Hello Everyone :D

First, apologies for what may end up a lengthy monologue below.

(Please see my opening thread below, transferred across from Mrs P's thread 'Creative Outlets' here in 'Recovery, Self Help, Treatments, Support and Services.)

MHF is, in my opinion, an extremely valuable resource for people such as us. Without it many of us would be lost in isolation and I believe this community has been instrumental in aiding my own personal recovery. It is for this reason that I would like to open a discussion regarding an idea I have to take MHF to a new and exciting place; SECOND LIFE.

SECOND LIFE, for those of you who have not come across it, is a 3D virtual community. What makes it stand apart from all others in my opinion is that it is chiefly a user-created world where we get to design and create our own land, open businesses and run / take part in valuable support networks for all sorts of people. It is a world occupied by at any one time approximately 80,000 people and is said to have (unofficially) 15 million users.

I propose that we set up home there, create a virtual branch if you like for this very special community we have here.

The motivation behind my idea comes from two conclusions I have made since I have been on my own journey of recovery:

1. Having a mental health condition can be an isolating experience. The internet fills a gap which is why places such as MHF provide such a valuable service. Second Life can take this idea one step further.

2. Creative Expression is an essential aid to management of / recovery from mental health conditions. Second Life is the perfect environment for creative artists of all walks to express themselves (and even sell their work! Some top bands have been performing live gigs there and I am told that at one gig was watched by 1,500 000 people!).

I have discovered that in SECOND LIFE my own creative expression has found a home which in turn has catapulted my recovery many miles forward. It has occurred to me that this 3D, user-created world could be the perfect environment for people such as ourselves, and good be an opportunity for more people in our position to find valuable support and friendships in an even more personal and interactive environment.


How would people here like to meet each other in a 'real' virtual Chill Out cafe?

Would all our wonderful artists here like to exhibit their work? Play live virtual gigs? Give live poetry readings? Sell their work? (There is a currency at Second Life which can be exchange for real money)

How would everyone here feel if they could meet the friends they have made at MHF in a safe online community where, hey, we can all go dancing together when the fancy takes us? Or visit ancient Rome, the Welsh Lakes or Paris together?

What would if be like for us here if when we really need some support we could actually physically knock on each others virtual doors, sit and chat, even hug and kiss each other?

Jeez I could go on about SECOND LIFE forever. I really do believe that setting up home there could be a very powerful and positive adventure for all of us, and for many people out there who need help. I know of one community there for example which was set up to help people suffering from autism, there are universities and colleges, and a population so diverse that it really has to be seen to be believed.

It is not just a matter of us all creating SECOND LIFE accounts and meeting up there, it would involve possibly the purchase of some land, building skills and some regular commitment to our community. There would be quite a bit of planning involved and logistical problems to sort but it is possible.

So, I invite everyone here to give me some feedback. Good idea? Think it's just another virtual community that promises so much but fails on delivery? Take a look! If anyone wants me to refer them that would be great (I get paid if at a later date you upgrade your account lol!). If you just want to go in and look on your own that is fine too, I am not there for the money.

I am hoping this will spark and exciting discussion, so over to you guys.....

Hello everyone!

I haven't been here in a while, and to those friends who remember me, a special hello to you guys!!!

When I saw Mrs P's thread I couldnt resist coming in, as it relates to my favourite subject: creativity.

I wanted to let you know about an outlet for creativity that I have recently discovered. It's not everybody's cup of tea but I invite everyone here at mental health forum to take a peek at a new world Ive been exploring.

My mate Apo knows about this already as I invited him to join me, and let me make clear now this is purely an invitation and absolutely NO PRESSURE to accept.

Let me introduce you to a very close friend of mine:

View attachment 316

If I've got this right and you see a picture of a beautiful girl above, then this is Irene Arkright. She is my creation and is partly responsible for what has become a complete turnaround in my recovery in recent months.

She lives at Second Life. If you know about it, I'd like to hear from you. If not, I would still like to hear from you. Mrs P I am not trying to muscle into your thread but this seems the ideal place to talk about what I have learn't in terms of creative expression being fundamental on the road to recovery.

Irene is a photographer. She can build houses, takes classes in clothes design and has just put in an application to join a police force. She plans in the future to buy some land and create her own special secret garden, and hopes also to set up a place where people such as ourselves can meet in true virtual style, a place where we can express our creativity in the form of art exhibitions, photographic contests, poetry readings, music concerts etc...

Irene is happy, beautiful and an inspired artist. It feels kinda weird to say this but, she is me! I never thought I would see the day when I would say these things of me! An inspired artist! happy!

Now, to understand where Im coming from requires some imagination because yes, obviously Irene Arkright is, well just an avatar. But if any of you want to meet her in the 'cyberflesh' then I will willing let you know how.

I am unashamedly plugging Second Life, to those who havent come across it, it's a virtual world that surpasses all others. I speak so highly of it because I have found a place for my creative spirit to express what I need to express. Since discovering this world I have picked up my camera and taken some serious, kiss-ass picciess! Ive been composing music! Generally Ive been feeling a whole lot better about myself and I attribute a lot of this to Irene.

Apologies to anyone who thinks i am spamming. Second Life is a very exciting place and like all kids with new toys I wanna shout about it lol. You can create your own URL attached to second life, where you can keep a blog of your adventures there (and anything else you want to talk about). You create whatever form of avatar you desire, you can rent or own land, build your dream home, own a business....the list is endless. Second Life is free to join.

For any artist, it is a place where creative expression can be explored with literally no boundaries. I feel so positive with my experience there that I would like, in the future, to set up a virtual place similar to this. A place where we can go and meet, chat and dance, explore together, set up virtual home together! Perhaps aim to set up a place where people from all walks of life can come for some support and companionship.

I would seriously like to discuss the idea of setting up a Second Life home similar to this forum with anyone, including admin, who is interested.

Dollit I am especially keen to here your thoughts as I know you are a keen photographer, and an invaluable contributor to this forum.

Whaddaya think guys? Am I completely barking mad lol? Or do you think I might have something here?

If Mrs P doesn't mind we could discuss this here, or I will start a new thread if people think I should? Or please IM me and I can refer you.

With all my love


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Jan 28, 2008
The Wilderness
No worries Guys!

Okay Second Life is not everybody's cup of tea. No worries guys!

I shall use this space to reflect upon my own adventures there if that's ok. Just wanted to post a photo I took whilst dancing in Second Life Scotland, for the benefit of a fellow uniform lover, albeit of the more 'hello hello hello' variety!

Remius & Irene_005.jpg
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