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Sciophobia / Sciaphobia (Fear of shadows)



New member
Jul 31, 2021
Hello guys.
I hope I find some help here cause I really need it .
I am a 28 y.o. man. I started to lose my hair about 8 years ago and this was something shocking for me. But with some medication ,I managed to maintain them for some year up to a point where they started to be thin .
And then the phobia started 3 years ago.
I started to observe the shadow of my hair and realise that my hair in the shadow were appearing to be thin and few. That was something thas was panicking me for a long time and the only thing I couldn't take under control.
I could have a good time only when I didnt see the shadow of my hair ,otherwise.I. Was panicking and losing myself.
As the years passed by , I thought what can I do with my hair. I did a hair transplant and it is successful . So I am happy now with my appearance as I have quite good hair . I am not panicked anymore about my appearance and I am satisfied . When you do a hair transplant , they cut your hair really short. So ,these months I didn't have hair until the new hair come , I didn't have the phobia at all ,as I couldnt see any hair in the shadows something that it was reliefing for me a lot. I was cured for six months. Now ,my hair have grown back and they look good ,though the shadow is back. And although the shadow has hair this time , I can't stop panicking again !!!
Im disappointed because I have come a long way to heal myself and I really thought I made it .
Now its completely irrational as I have hair and my shadow is a shadow of hair , but it seems that I am so bad traumatised from the past ,that I still cannot handle it.. 😔
When this phobia comes to my life I always thing about the shadows and if I panick when I see it..I have tachycardia when it happens and my mood gets bad. Cause I cant stop an irrational thought and it drives me mad.
Anyone with similar experience? What can I do to help myself ? Please I really need any advice.
Thank you ❤


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Nov 10, 2019
I have never heard of that but there are many phobias.
I have seen on TV exposure therapy for other phobias. We have a married couple on TV here who are very good and helping people called The Speakmans. Maybe they have a website. They are both psychologists i think.
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