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Well-known member
Apr 14, 2019
So I want to go and continue my schooling. THe reason I stopped going was because I had a mental breakdown and unfortunately had to drop out of college. My dad says he wants me to treat school as my number one priority, and I understand that completely. He’s worried about me not focusing in school because I’m too engrossed with my boyfriend. I know that I can’t be “black or white” thinking. I can still focus on my boyfriend but have my main focus be school. I’m just having these uncomfortable thoughts about not being with my boyfriend and to focus on school. I know you can’t attach meaning to thoughts, but It’s upsetting me. I want to stay with my boyfriend and hopefully marry him one day. I keep having a compulsion to break up with him. But I’m guessing this could be a symptom of my OCD and ROCD. I constantly have thoughts about ending my relationship or compulsions to break up with my boyfriend. I’m just scared his means I can’t be with him. I want to stay with him and be his other half. Any suggestions. Please.


New member
Aug 20, 2019
United States
Hi there,

It sounds like you’ve been through a lot, from having to drop out of college and being concerned about your relationship with your boyfriend, and I can imagine that this must be hard for you.

It sounds like you know what to do: which is to focus on school, while secondly staying committed to your boyfriend. I wish I could just magically help you out here, but ahh sadly it doesn’t work like that haha.

It also sounds like you feel that maybe ending things with him may be best because you’re worried that you can’t be with him for “forever” and if I were in a relationship, I think I would feel that way too. In the end, this decision is really up to you. Would you think that maybe talking to him about things may help? Maybe you guys can find ways to make sure you both stay committed too each other, while maintaining time for school as well?

I hope things get better. I think you’ll figure things out. : )
Please take care too!

: )