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School and bipolar



New member
Nov 5, 2018
Has anyone got and advice i can pass on to the school to help my daughter


Well-known member
Nov 3, 2018
New Jersey
make sure the nurse or medical office knows of her situation. Has she been diagnosed with it and taking medication? Is her school nearby and are you talking about college, high shool, etc. Bipolar is difficult and really relies on you researching it. books are lengthy and technical, but i find youtube to be helpful. At least that is something that both of you, if she is recipient to it, to watch together. My life has changed because i listen to anxiety and depression narration + music that i download from amazon prime music. There is a variety of stuff on there, some subliminal, some just relaxation. Understanding, patience and research for you is the way to go. As a midly bipolar person, it has taken me years to accept my condition and try to do the best i can. I have tried multiple medications and there is no cure, just tolerance of what is going on. Be supportive, informed, and recognize triggers that can affect both sides of the mental disease. hope this helps. she can also seek out support groups that allow her to talk as well as groups that help parents understand and relate.
i wish you luck but it is and will be a roller coaster ride, so try to make it as smooth as possible and don't blame yourself for the chemical disorder that lies in anther person's brain.
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