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schizophrenic treatment for my brother


Andy 655

New member
Nov 22, 2020
hi..im looking after my brother now that my parents are no more..hes down with schizophrenia since his teens(hes 50 yr now).he currently on sizopin 50 mg per day which is essentially clozapine...i had to tell his doc to reduce the med as hes experiencing involuntary limb shaking....the dosage has now been brought down to just 50 mg a day...by what time will this limb shaking effect wear off

Rex Smith

Aug 30, 2020
You need to contact your doctor. Even if there was a doctor here they could only advise you to contact your local doctor.


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2013
We can only share experiences but as @Rex Smith said - for medication advice, you require a doc.
On Fire

On Fire

Well-known member
Sep 21, 2011
Why is he on Clozapine, did other antipsychotics not work? 50mg is a very low dosage of Clozapine, so you might find his psychosis comes back. Is he having blood tests to check his white blood cell count?
A friend told me that in India the health care is mostly private, and you can sort of tell the doctors what you want them to do, and they usually do it?
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