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Schizophrenia - what to do next?



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Nov 27, 2019
A family friend of mine has a previous diagnosis of schizophrenia (not sure how recent). He is refusing any medication, or interventions with mental health services as he is extremely paranoid and does not trust them. He hears voices (refers to them as the people) named as Biff, Adam and others, and will engage in conversations with them. I would describe him as living in a different ‘reality’, as he is incredibly delusional. He has said he would ‘take the voices with him when he goes’ which I assumed he was referring to a possible suicide attempt. He has recently become homeless also. I’m unsure with what to do next, whether I try and speak directly to his GP (if even possible) or what my other options are to get him support. Any advice?


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May 6, 2017
To be honest I'm not sure what to do either.

When I went through my first episode of psychosis and I was like your family friend, hearing voices and suffering from delusions. My family called an ambulance which was accompanied by two policemen, the two policemen checked me out first to make sure I was non-violent and not a threat to the ambulance men then I was escorted to the ambulance and I went willingly without causing a fuss.

Upon arriving at hospital I saw at least 2 separate women who I wouldn't speak to and left the room because one sounded like a female voice I had been hearing then after waiting what felt like hours I was eventually seen by three male doctors and I told them I was hearing voices and they told me I could either be sectioned for up to a month or volunteer for around 4 days, they actually let me out in 9 days because I was feeling much better (and they only did ward rounds on Mondays so had to wait until the second Monday that I was in there) but I needed my family there for the ward round as they had been visiting me everyday and knew I had returned to my 'normal' self. They let me go with a diagnosis of psychosis and no medication was ever given to me.

No further help or support was given to me until I went to A&E during my second episode voluntarily a few months after my first episode because I was determined to get medication this time, since then I've been a client of an Early Intervention Team for psychosis and I get all the meds I want and more from them.

You could try phoning 999 or 111 and asking for advice like my family did, perhaps they can section him until he's feeling well again if he won't go voluntarily.

There's also the Samaritans who may have heard this sort of story before and know what to do, the Samaritans can be called for free on 116 123.