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Schizophrenia recorded by survivor.



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Dec 19, 2007
Was directed to these videos by the person involved as a result of using IRC, quite interesting. As well as being concerning serious subjects, it has an element of amusment for anyone who's been there. My particular favourite part is where our informant takes us into his confidence asking 'Don't tell anyone this...'

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I found the video very sad. I am sure that if he had the proper treatment he would be better. By better I mean more logical and understandable and happy. There is a lot of fear that shows. How anyone can say that schizophrenia is not an illness after watching that I cannnot understand. I hope it will be seen by people who will then try to understand that it is an illness, - madness and not badness. There is badness in the world of course, and at the present there is far too much of it. But it is pushed down our throats from morning till night by news of all that is bad going on. there is too lttle care and too little compassion. Far too much fighting, and it seems to be everywhere round the world. I think it is caused by overcrowding, immoral behaviour, lack of ethics, and too much greed.
Thoughfulness, care, and listening as opposed to hearing the other person's side of the story.
Perhaps I am becoming depressive, although I have always been termed the eternal optimist. I am still optimistic as there is so much good research which brings us nearer to uderstanding. Too late for some, of course, but they still need to be cared for.

And after the tempest follows the soft and warm breeze of love (QUOTE)


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Dec 10, 2007
Interesting video, thanks for that :)!
I've got no experience with schizophrenia, but I found the narrative very logical and coherent... maybe I've just got an overactive imagination :D. Also very sad of course (the feeling of hating yourself and wanting to be someone else).


It is good to kno that someone who has no experience of schizophrenia has watched the video. I hope it will have made at least one person relise that it is a miserable condition - and belive me nothing o be laughed at. It is n ot only the patient that suffers, but also the family, who feel the have lost a loved one. fortunately t can be treated if the patient is willig, but often they do not understand that there is anything the mater ewitht hem - they call that lack of insight. It is shocking that peole who suffer fromthis condition are sometimes in prison, where they may or may not have treatement. The fortuate ones are in the prison hospital, others are not. The Government has closed many Mental health Hospitals and other units, so many are homeless, lacking in care. some also take street drugs which does not help the situation. TheMental health staff are heroes and heroines.
The family carers often do not get a break.Treatment has improved over the years, providing the patient can access it. But can you imagine a waiting list of 3 months or more before that patient gets help? Often this is when the tragedies occurr. Either the patient falls into the penal service - and the police, however wonderful, should not have to deal with this group. They are usually exptremely good if they know or recognise the patient has amental illness. If they do not get timely treatment they commit suicide, with equal distress to te family. As a supposedly well educated coutry it is a disgrace that the Mental Health services have been neglected.


I totally agree that it is a scandal that mental health services are as poorly funded as they are and that beds in acute wards are being cut. We need acute wards or people die. They don't care. I spoke to a lib dem bloke about this. He has given me an impressive list of what they would do about mental health if they got in and it was amazingly good. But of course it's easy to talk the talk when not in power. The question is, would they walk the walk if they ever got in?
Rambuie Perspecador

Rambuie Perspecador

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Dec 21, 2007
Having watched the pickle that Chris Grayling and the Labour DWP geezer are preparing between them, I would settle for the plain ingredients of the LibDems any day - and with more confidence in (-Penny, is it?) in preference to smarmy Phil. They cannot touch us without being :eek:prescriptive, compulsory, and with Penalities for non-compliance, like they are dishing out ASBOs, and we are a lot of naughty, miscreant children!!!:eek:
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