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Schizophrenia as a /mystical emergency



Non-Medical Models: schizophrenia as a spiritual/mystical emergency

Many people are diagnosed with schizophrenia when they're in the midst of an intense, inner experience that is loaded with religious content. It is quite common for schizophrenics to report that they have been in communication with God or a higher being, and have been given some kind of messianic mission to fulfil.[1] Personalised religious beliefs and fantastic stories of internal conversations with deities and saints are common signs that lead to diagnoses. But the psychiatrists who make these diagnoses are mistaken. These are not signs of mental illness, they are signs of spiritual/mystical emergency. Unfortunately, psychiatrists are not trained to understand this phenomena.
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5. Non-Medical Models: schizophrenia as a spiritual/mystical emergency - Punishing the Patient



Thank you VERY much. Many people need to realize there are a healthy non-pathologized contexts for spiritual crisis and emergency. Human beings have dealt with such crisis since we became human and it is only in the last few centuries that anyone that hears a spirit or see's a vision or Comes To Realize they have a MISSION BEYOND sitting in a cubical staring at glorified television, BEYOND dealing with Greedy Unsatisfied Consumers for 40-60 hours a week and only going in circles eventually breeding more sufferers into the world to do the: polluting the environment, funding endless wars, falling for propaganda and bulllshit, and teaching our children to do the SAME --- considered to have a diseased Brain. We certainly can have diseased brains if we believe that and dump a ton of laboratory chemicals on our brain that haven't been sufficiently tested. Medication is good ONLY for short term crisis management, but real help requires more than drugs, otherwise it is just like smoking crack, just a little slower on dementia inducing and kill off.

In the beginning of a crisis is where it either goes one way or the other. Either to a life time of drug dependence and disability, living in the Ghetto, and on Benefits, as the mediation becomes more and more your problem OR you find fellowship and commaradry, and REAL help in unravelling the traumas that lead to the crisis and a way forward.

Thank you and welcome to the forums. If you want to know more, let me know. Message me any time.

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Sep 25, 2012
Planet Lunatic Asylum
"Never think of yourself as sick.
It’s the wrong diagnosis.
Body may be sick,
mind can be sick,
but You, the Self, can never be sick.
You can never be harmed or injured.
And here in Satsang,
I am directly showing you this
so that you will come to know it, not just believe it.
And body can be healed;
mind can come back to its natural state.
But You can never be sick.
You are the formless and ever-perfect Self."

~ Mooji
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