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Schizophrenia and the media



New member
Aug 21, 2010
Hi all,

I'm a student hoping to write a dissertation about schizophrenia and media stigma and am looking for different angles to explore the issue. If anyone would like to share ideas or concerns they may have regarding the subject it would help me tremendously. Every suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.


Well-known member
Sep 22, 2008
Notice how in the media how schizophrenia equals violent crime.Even though schizophrenics are more likely to be a victim of crime the media have created this stereotype which is wrong.Just my two pence worth.
Rambuie Perspecador

Rambuie Perspecador

Well-known member
Founding Member
Dec 21, 2007
Emancipation and Parliamentary Prejudice

Almost without exception, rmag, people with schizophrenia are discussed without making any reference point as to who we are or what our own perspectives are. When someone tells me someone has any particular MH needs I tell myself 'that is never the full story', and try and get a more informed perspective on the person behind the predicament. You would not come to the conclusions on someone with a broken toe that people jump to the moment it is learned that you or I have a diagnosis - and these conclusions are mostly wrong, mis-construed, ill-informed and way off beam. The reason for this is mostly to do with seeing people through distorting media mirrors instead of the human regard that is afforded every other person. So stigma directed against us is a media phenomenon, and can only be properly contested at some time in the near future, when we have our own media and our take on things can be properly and dispassionately viewed and expressed. We are not a discrete group in any case, so we are thrown together in adverse circumstances which are not of our own making.

Incidentally are you aware that people who it emerges have or have had a diagnosis, are expelled from Parliament and public life PERMANENTLY? The implications for mis-construed thinking on what our perspectives are - in the very forum where are fates are often decided - are wide-ranging and staggeringly Grotesque. Emancipation is therefore a major target for anyone serious about ending the institutional discrimination, social exclusion and scape-goating which is meted out to every one of us. Currently we cannot even stop The Sun newspaper from referring to people as SCHIZOS as if the ignorant semi-literates even begin to know what that is...