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schizophrenia and kids



Jun 7, 2009
hello everyone. i am in a great relationship and the issue of children has been raised. i would love to hear from any women scitzophrenics who do or do not have children and your opinions on the matter thanks diddy


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Mar 25, 2016
No, don't have kids.

To many problemos.

You might as well be throwing them into a huge pile of shit.


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May 5, 2016
I don't know much, but I know that in pregnancy, the old style anti psychotic drugs are safest ( because there are more years of data proving safety). The problem for me would be that I cannot tolerate the old style drugs, but some women do it. I hope you find out more as I know people at my support group who have kids and schizophrenia, so it can be done...


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Sep 12, 2013
My husband suffers episodes of psychosis. He doesn't currently have a diagnosis and is under an early intervention team. We want to start a family and have given a lot of thought to it. We have had discussions with his CPNs who have been very positive about us having kids and have reassured us that there will be plenty of support available from his team and from social services if we need it. They have reassured us that they have service users on their caseloads who are fab mums and dads. They have recomended we choose a time where my husband has been stable for a while as much as possible. They also advised a strategy for sleepless nights as lack of sleep can be a trigger for my husband getting ill. My GP has been very negative about the idea, CPN was really angry when I told him, said hes in full support and to put in a formal complaint against her!

I think a consderation would be how stable you are. Also how safe your meds are in pregnancy. I would also discuss a crisis plan with your Partner about what would happen if you got poorly at anypoint. CPN also told me that if they are working with someone where there is a child under 5 in the house they have to inform the health visitor with a standard letter but no action would be taken unless there were safeguarding issues.


You sound responsible. Unlike all of those teenagers who have children so they can get a house and they swear at their own children and don't bother to raise them.

Psychosis is only one illness. Most people have one illness or another. No one is perfect.
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