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Schizophrenia and dreams?



Well-known member
Mar 14, 2020
Just asking your opinion. Everyone has dreams. Sometimes in dreams non schizo people see or hear the same things that schizophrenic people sense while awake.

Do you have any thoughts about that observation?


Well-known member
Dec 21, 2019
Of course in my experiences a schizophrenics thoughts can affect other non-schizo dreams. I think it's an excellent observation. It depends on how you feel about dreams , I personally think they're unnatural and are man made.


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Aug 1, 2014
When I settle on any given night, I'll remember my long term potential pa rtner, and after once that occurs i'll fall into deep sleep. So naturally no, I don't suffer hardly any dreams at all.


Well-known member
Mar 27, 2019
Eastern Europe
Just asking your opinion. Everyone has dreams. Sometimes in dreams non schizo people see or hear the same things that schizophrenic people sense while awake.

Do you have any thoughts about that observation?
Somehow I am following this theory that while in a psychotic episode, a person’s subconscious is more present directly, so to speak, while for a non-psychotic person this happens during dreaming.
For me the subconscious mind is like a huge data lake where we store directly and automatically everything and there is a continuous “behind the scenes” process which analyses the data and forms various ideas, etc.
The conscious mind would be related to the frontal cortex for best executive functioning, somehow in parallel, but ultimately deciding. This is why some researchers mention that lack of executive functioning is related to psychosis, somehow there is a full uncontrolled path for the unconscious mind.
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