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Scared to leave.



Jan 20, 2015
I isolate myself to my house. I don't want to see anyone else. I'm happy when I see friends slowly forget me, when people start to leave me out of parties. I can be alone then. I stay alone to paint, to not spoil my views of the world, to remain optimistic. The outside scares me, it betrays me, kills me, points me out as different. In my little house I can just be me. I'm safe. I don't want to change but everyone is making me. I don't want to start work, or try to make friends. I'm happy here.


Active member
Sep 12, 2014
Hi Trustifarian!
I sometimes feel exactly the same as you do. I guess it is just nice to know everything is under control.
Have you got friends with whom you feel comfortable at all? Sometimes having just one person you can be yourself with is enough to start. The world is scary but it is as well beautiful and you have the right to experience it!


Feb 9, 2015
You're not 'happy here'. You're mistaking perceived safety for happiness. You are God of your bubble. But as time goes on, that bubble will slowly start to deflate. It will become cramped and suffocating. There's nothing wrong with feeling safe but please try and step outside that bubble for a little fresh air now and again. Small steps. The bubble will still be there if you need to run back for a while. Sure it might feel cold at times out there, windy too......but sometimes the sun will warm your face and paint a smile. There's good and bad. It wouldn't be life if it wasn't. Don't hide too long. Good luck.
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