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Scared that I’m a b*tch!!



May 4, 2020
New york
Okay so I know the title sounds funny but I’m serious.

Basically I feel like I can be a very uptight person, get annoyed easily and just think negative thoughts that make me feel guilty. A lot of it stems from my anxiety but still.

I’ll try to add some examples to paint the picture better:

- I’ll get jealous of people thinking they have more friends than me/more plans
- I was on the phone before with my boyfriend (he’s in the military) and was saying he was working out with some of the kids who were on restriction for getting in trouble and I felt judged right away. And than I asked him why they were on restriction and when he was telling me I felt even more judgey. (I ended up telling him I felt judgey and felt guilty about it and that I was gonna try to not think that way.)
- my younger sister is having a grad party today and I’ve just been grouchy and annoyed thinking about it all day
- sometimes if I’m mad or annoyed at someone I’ll think “If I do this they’ll know I’m annoyed at them” and than feel guilty for wanting them to think that

Overall I just feel like I get annoyed and upset and uptight easily. I bought a bunch of positivity books and started journaling and it is a great distraction and often puts me in a good mood. BUT I can’t always whip out a journal or book every time I feel myself getting this way.

Anyway. Any tips on how to be more positive and not feel/think this way? Also to feel less guilty about it?

**btw if you actually read this whole thing you’re an angel


Well-known member
Feb 7, 2020
Well it's good that you're noticing it. That's the first step leading to change. Have you asked yourself when your are feeling bitchy or grouchy, what's behind It...What is really making you feel that way? What is coming into your mind during those times?


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May 30, 2019
That sounds like 'labelling' (one of cognitive therapy's cognitive distortions). They would consider certain occasional behaviour to be bitch-like, rather than labelling yourself in your entirety as such.