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Scared Of Using Toilet At Night/Early Morning


Misstres Oreo

New member
Nov 19, 2018
I have insomnia and always have to use the toilet. My dad's room is right next to the bathroom. He sleeps with the door open as it doesn't close properly. The bathroom door is noisy when I open or close it but I'm too scared to leave the door open. My dad then gets up swearing under his breath. He has never said anything to me. Thinking now of getting a bucket to use at night.


Well-known member
Jul 24, 2019
Blooper Land
@Misstres Oreo

I think the bucket idea is a good one. Make sure to clean it properly everyday and allowing it to dry completely before use again the next night. I'm not a professional of anything but I learned this when I was sort of bedridden due to an injury.

If possible I would also suggest finding a way to make the bathroom door less noisy or better yet not noisy at all and when the bathroom door is no longer noisy also get your dad to jam his door closed at night with some paper or material so you both feel more at ease at night.