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Scared of losing best friend.



Jan 5, 2015
I've posted previously about feeling really anxious because my best friend has started coming really close to another girl. Me, my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend are all best friends and have been for years and years. But recently they've started getting closer to another couple and are even going away with them for q couple of days soon.
She knows how I feel because I've spoken to her about it and she's told me that nothing will ever come between us, she's just another friend.
But the problem is the other couple don't seem to have any other friends and don't seem to just want to be another friend, and don't respect our relationship at all. They ask them to do things all the time.
I've been alot better over the past couple of weeks with just the odd bad day instead of feeling down most of the time.
But I'm still struggling with the fact that the other couple see my best friends as their first port of call and see them as their best friends even if the feeling isn't recipeocated.
Also my best friend mentioned that the other girl wanted to come to the gym with us. I said that she's more than welcome but I don't think im ready to see them together yet, I just think it'll make me feel worse.
However my boyfriend was invited to go and play pool with his friend and the boy from the other couple and he agreed.
This is fine, Its just making me feel a lot more anxious and feel like it's another step of them getting closer and it scares me that we might lose them!
I don't know how to deal with it and overcome it.


Well-known member
Oct 21, 2014
its ok for tthem to have other friends and its ok to feel anxious I get friendship anxiety too.
if a person tells you there your friend and phones you up and wants to spend time with you they like you tryto chill and do something nice for yourself. I bet your a really loyal caring friend too tcxx
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