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Scared for myself and my little sister



New member
Apr 14, 2020
Hi! I've been struggling with disordered eating (periods of binge eating and fasting/restrictive food intake, fluctuating weight, body image issues) since I was 14 (now 19), and for the past few months I have been throwing up my food multiple times a day. With being quarantined things have gotten worse, as I have all the time in the world to focus on food. However, I'm aware of my problem and will seek help as soon as this COVID 19 situation is over. On the other hand, I'm very worried about my little 12 year old sister. I've been living with my parents and siblings now as we were sent home from college, and I have noticed my little sister being obsessed with food and weight and workout. I have caught her throwing up after meals (I am the only one to have noticed this), weighing herself and doing excessive squats (and some other workouts). I confronted her about it in a friendly, chill way, and after a long conversation about the dangers of purging, she admitted to throwing up after meals if she felt like she had eaten too much, and wanting to be thin like a "K-pop-star". She made me promise to not tell our parents (I have to tell them, obviously). What advice should I give to my parents? And how can I help my sister?


Well-known member
Jul 9, 2013
You can talk to your sister and tell her its very important that i tell your parents. This is not something to just brush under the carpet.....its serious.

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