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Scared about any dental work



New member
Jan 21, 2016
Last day I came back home scared from the hospital as the surgeon actually extracted my tooth. I found that he was scared himself. Now it hurts like hell. The worst thing is that I’ll have to go to the dentist for doing the root canal next week. As I had a bad experience with the dentist I visited last day, I am very anxious and scared about any dental work now. My friend says I suffer from phobia disorder and that needs to be treated. I browsed for good treatment centres and found a one nearby,which uses CBT. Do I really need such a treatment?
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Well-known member
Jan 27, 2015
Hi and :welcome: to the forum.

I'm sorry to hear about how you feel and for the pain you are in right now.

IMO it would be a good idea to speak to your dentist surgery and explain how you feel see if there is any help they could offer you or suggest in the way of support. I am sure they will understand.

The treatment centre you mention may well help, you could get the information and see exactly what they offer, and make a decision on that once you know. Speaking to your dentist may help.

best wishes
Unique xx
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