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Mad Hatter

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Dec 17, 2007
Seasonally affected disorder? Is that what it's called when the bad weather affects mood. Well folks I'm just having a hammering of it right now I just cannot wait for bedtime and dread another day of all this gloom it's doing my head in. Anyone else get this????/


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Jan 12, 2008
south east london
well .. i tend to have a big dip at the change in all seasons , once i'm used to it i settle down to the usual dull plod .

I have heard that special light boxes or bulbs can be helpful ( a bit pricey tho)


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Dec 18, 2007
On me spaceship
I get down a lot. Sometimes I cope better with the dark mornings knowing the light is coming soon than the nights whereby everything seems pointless.

I find the following helpful

  • Geranium Oil (or appropriate essential oil in a burner)
  • Tidy house - if you can't do it, get a friend/support worker
  • Routine - it helps take away the pointlessness.
  • Coffee - mornings only
  • Craft work (something repetative like crochet works well with the essential oil)
  • Classical/chill out music
  • Also online gaming can be helpful for te dark winter nights (try atari games - it's free :))
  • online chat rooms can also be helpful/messange boards/blogging for keeping contact with the world
  • getting out for fresh air at least once a day - even if it's just a ten minute walk
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